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Physiotherapist in Vereeniging

René Matthews

6 Nile Gate, Cnr Nile Drive

& General Hertzog Road,

Three Rivers, Vereeniging

016 423 6965

physiotherapist at work in Three Rivers Vereeniging

BSc Physio

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Injuries and pain goes hand in hand. A large part of the work of the physiotherapist is to alleviate pain in order to help you heal faster. Painful conditions, however, consists of much more than just injuries. It includes back, neck, shoulders, hand, fascial pain and pelvic pain. It also includes arthritis, headaches.etc.

Physiotherapy is used to alleviate sources of chronic pain, including osteoarthritis, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain and rheumatoid arthritis. This type of pain generally requires a particular approach which involves the physiotherapist and patient to focus a little less on the tissues which may have been initially injured, and to use a more holistic approach. One of the goals of physical therapy, is also to help chronic pain patients become stronger, because they're usually weak from not moving. Another goal is to teach people how to move safely and functionally in ways that minimize pain and helps healing.

A physical therapist works with each patient to understand his or her particular pain — what causes it and what can be done to manage it. The physio can ask questions and talk about pain issues as you are going through your exercise routine. She will then use this specific knowledge to help you find ways to minimize your pain. This is the kind of attention that a regular doctor doesn't often have the time to give.

Physical therapy involves a variety of treatments (different types of pain management methods) the physiotherapist may use to alleviate your pain:

The work of a physiotherapist:
Relieving/minimizing pain