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Physiotherapist in Vereeniging

René Matthews

6 Nile Gate, Cnr Nile Drive

& General Hertzog Road,

Three Rivers, Vereeniging

016 423 6965

physiotherapist at work in Three Rivers Vereeniging

BSc Physio

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Rehabilitation is the process by which your body recovers its full function following injury. It is a vital part to the healing process and can often be over looked or neglected. It is importantly to realize that the process of recovery doesn’t stop with the treatment of injuries or of relieving of pain. Muscles and joints are always left weak following injury and need to be rebuilt if the body is to fully recover. From the perspective of a physiotherapist the most hazardous time in the injury process is at 1 to 3 months after injury. During this time your muscles and joints have not fully strengthened – even though the pain may have settled. Most injuries that reoccur during this period do so because the rehabilitation process has not been completely finished

Injury rehabilitation is not just about getting back into every day activities; it involves careful planning, guidance and supervision from a qualified Physiotherapist - providing a detailed guide for recovery following injury.

But there is more to the healing side of a physiotherapist’s work. She also works with:

The work of a physiotherapist:
Restoring health (Rehabilitation)